Happy New Year! First Post of 2016

Jon: Hello and happy new year!

Here’s an update of what we’ve been working on through part of the holiday season, roughly December 20th to the present:

• Horseback has begun! It still needs a lot of work, but is quite enjoyable already. The horse model has been UV’d and the preliminary textures are in. A horseback attack and idle animation have been added as well.

HorsebackGif 01

• Attack direction is now based purely on input. Previously, attack types were based upon the player’s movement direction relative to the camera. This resulted in unexpected attack directions when swirling the camera and prevented switching attack direction if there’s no player movement (e.g. attacking while seated).

• Game time and day is now saved and can be viewed in the status screen. This doesn’t have much of an effect at the moment, but will lead to various things such as resource renewal (e.g. regrowing plants and mushrooms).

• A new sit animation. Looks a bit more natural.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.27.47 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.05.33 PM

• Reworked the Title Screen:

v0.0.21 Title Screen

• A preview of the next creature to appear in The Arcane Relics™:


Can you guess what this is?

• Finally, some less exciting things I’ve been working on:

– Overhauling the current debug logging system as I discovered in one of the newest versions of Unity the addition of Debug.logger : ILogger. I’m setting up a system that removes dependencies between game classes and the debug utility.

– Debug options for profiling memory usage in-game, console command ‘memory profile’. Simply displays some memory usage information during play.

– Setup another debug option, writing debug logs to a file with a simple console command, ‘write logs’.

– Tweaks to UI scroll view in inventory. More items fit across each row and more snuggly.

– Tweaked food item healing amounts. They are now less effective than healing potions.

– Small poisonous mushrooms are no longer as potent as the larger ones.

– Bug fix: Fixed a missed warp point in the Grand Arena, which would result in missing renderers when passing through.

Have a good one!


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