Week of Dec. 6-12 : Arms Skill Group & Duel Video

Jon: This week –

OpeningWindows 01


• As we mentioned last week, we started designing the system for skill groups. Here’s some details on how they work:

The game now has an Arms skill group which governs the use of specific weapon types. As a player uses a weapon, not only will the skill corresponding with that specific weapon increase, but the surrounding weapon types will increase as well – just slower.

In the image below, you’ll see a player’s Arms skill group while armed with a longsword. The longsword skill (highlighted in blue) will grow the quickest, the skills located directly vertical or horizontal (yellow) will grow a bit slower, and the diagonals (pink) will grow the slowest. The Experience Points (XP) will also be divvied up based on the amount of surrounding skills. For example, the mace will not distribute as much to the surrounding skills since there are more (it’s dead center), as opposed to the longsword. (NOTE: this is not the final layout and does not contain all weapon types yet.)TAR_SkillGroup Ex

• (Optimization) Area Manager: Setup a preliminary system for enabling/disabling certain components based on pre-defined areas that a local player is currently in. This goes beyond just selective culling of renderers and can be setup to toggle certain script logic as well. This system is now being used in the Grand Arena, and it has made a noticeable improvement to the framerate, especially with 4 local players.

• Misc changes, bug fixes, & improvements:

– Homestead cottage windows can now be opened and closed. Aha! Peekaboo makes sense now! 😀

– Setup preliminary water spouts in the Grand Arena, along with drains.

– Fixed bug where joystick input was normalized, & would not take the magnitude of a joystick push into account.

– Fixed some bugs with NPCs animations and using Nav Meshes.

– Heartbeat sound will now only play in single-player when you have low health.

– Added ‘fog’ console command, toggles Global fog on/off (needs to be shut off for wireframe rendering to work, for some reason?)

• We have started working on revamping the characters. One noticeable improvement is hands with fingers! (See Peekaboo!)

• Lastly, we made a goofy video showcasing incandescent weapons. Check it out!

Have a good one!


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