Week of Nov. 29 – Dec. 5 : Controller Support & Incandescence

Jon: Hey, everybody!

This week we have realized the complexity of setting up controller support for varying controllers on multiple platforms. Looking at the UnifyCommunity Unity3D wiki, we discovered that not only does the button mappings for different types of controllers vary, but the same controller also has different mappings on each platform (Mac, PC, Linux) as well. As a result, we started looking for options to potentially save some time. After browsing the Unity Asset Store, we found an inexpensive plugin that addressed these issues: InControl. We are quite happy with it and have made leaps and bounds towards getting our controller support where we’d like it. We’d recommend it to anyone looking to make a game with full-controller support.

In addition, we have added incandescence! You can hold your weapon over a fire for a certain amount of time and it will eventually glow with heat. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, it will add fire damage to your subsequent attacks. Of course there’s a downside, weapons will degrade faster when landing hits while the effect is active.


We’ve also spent a portion of the week designing the first skill group for players, the Arms skill group. This skill group will allow character’s to increase their effectiveness with specific weapon types. We’ve also changed the amount of Experience Points (XP) acquired, resulting in a more gradual flow towards a level up. We will disclose more info on skill groups and how they work as we make more progress on them.

Lastly, screenshots!




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