Last Two Weeks, Nov 1-14 : Many Random Goodies

Andrew: Hello everyone, it’s been a busy two weeks. Here’s what we’ve been up to-

• First off, trees:

I’ve been working with some different tree ideas for how to create foliage. The results, the first pass of both an oak and maple tree – testing out some LOD in the process.

Trees Preview

• Then there was rain:

A rain particle effect has been added along with Global Fog, to test out some weather effects.

It is an early look at rain and with split-screen, we have run into an issue that we will need to address down the road. The issue, how to render the rain for all players weighing the look versus performance. We’re going to try to avoid using one massive particle system that encompasses the entire map. We’re exploring different options, but haven’t found any solutions that we are happy with yet.

• Next, a preview of our working day/night cycle:

• And last on my part, I’ve made progress on the Homestead Cottage, finishing up the chimney and, currently, working on the interior.

As for Jon-

• More progress on switches, including powered locks, and logic gates:

A preview of a logic test. This is a test that mimics a current puzzle in the Water Cave scene itself.

The red lights are displaying the status of the powered locks, on is locked, and the lines going from the center are NOT logic gates that will transmit an ‘on’ signal, if nothing is powering them. The trick was getting the levers to unlock & switch each other. This has definitely been pretzeling work, but once the system is finished it can be relatively easy to reuse. Credits to Chris Gengler for the visual display of drawing the power/signal flow!

• He has also created new drawn weapon trails:

Drawn Swing

• Misc bug fixes and audio features:

– Simple armor rustling while moving when wearing heavy armor.

– Swapping ambient sounds based on time of day (whether day or night). Ex. crickets chirp at night.

– Audio bug fixes: specifically audio clips playing at incorrect locations based on varying actions, like looting containers.

– Bug fix: damage pop-ups now face all local player’s camera views

• Lefty equipment positioning fixes & swapping stance functionality:

– Torches will now sit in lefties hands correctly when equipped.

– When swapping hand-stance, select equipment, weapons, shields, & torches; are automatically swapped to the same corresponding hand (dominant vs. offhand). In other words, if you are wielding a sword and shield in a righty stance, swapping your stance would swap the shield to your right hand, and the sword would go to your left.

• In conclusion, a brief NPC state machine overhaul update: Jon has setup the previous NPC state machine to function with the new layered system, splitting up some of the previous AI actions and behaviors. We will divulge you with more information as we progress further.

Until next time.


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