1-Year Development Anniversary

Jon: Once upon a time, a year ago on this very day, a video game project was born.

It was about a year ago when we started our 4th prototype, which soon evolved into what it is now, The Arcane Relics™.

Flashback: Early screenshots of the Grand Arena, which, at the time, was the only playable setting. As the focus was split-screen multi-player, the gameplay primarily consisted of battling other local players. This was also prior to Unity 5’s release.

TAR_one year ago

Now, players can battle each other and/or NPCs in the arena, explore the Water Cave, and store their loot in a goody chest at the Homestead. Players also acquire experience points and can level up!

Here’s what we have now:


Here’s some of our plans for the coming year. Those who’ve viewed our Greenlight page may recognize some of this.


We have divided the game into scenarios that will later merge into a more cohesive experience.

The present scenarios, along with key features in development, are as follows:
(Green = functional, Yellow = partial functionality, Red = absent/needs work)

Grand Arena
  • looting system 
  • mounted combat (horses) 
  • rewards/progression for winning matches 
  • multiple custom matches
  • improved AI/NPCs
The Dungeon (Water Cave)
  • puzzles & traps 
  • randomized loot & treasures 
  • preliminary stealth (Wandering & Patrolling AI, simple detection) 
  • end scenario, boss battle!
  • item stash (saving items)
  • day/night cycle
  • weather system
  • natural resource renewal (ex. plants)
  • alchemy system 
  • additional stealth mechanics (sound, light, smell, etc.) 
  • randomized encounters (ex. bandits, wild animals) 
  • traveling merchant

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of everything we are working on or have completed. We many times deviate and complete smaller tasks to keep the momentum rolling.

Let’s hope this next year is just as productive, if not more.



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