Progress (Week of Oct. 18-24) : Clothing Colors & More!

Jon: Hello! Here’s what we’ve been working on this week:

• Setup random clothing color variation for basic apparel (tunic & pants). In all of our previous images and videos, some of you may have noticed there have only been green tunics and black pants, aside from the gambesons. That’s no more!

Here’s some color variations:

Clothing Colors

Modal Dialog Window• A modal dialog window for various menu actions, like a confirmation menu, has been started (”Are you sure?”). This will be expanded and used in various ways including a slider menu asking for an amount, when purchasing or dropping items, “How many?”

• Save files now record the game’s version number they were saved from. This will allow for some discrepancies to be addressed in save data of earlier and later releases down the line.

• Weapon condition displays now tint based on the percent, changing from white (100%) to yellow (50%) to red (0%). Feedback is good.

• Lastly for me, quite a few bug fixes and optimizing, more specifically making a pooling manager for re-using object instances. This has a ways to go, but is being used for one instance in-game already!

• Andrew has been working on the Homestead cottage, building rooms, setting up the rafters, and stacking stones for the chimney and fireplace. 🙂

Until next time…


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