Progress (Week of Sept. 20-26) : The Attributes

Jon: This week primarily involved cleanup and bug fixing on the engineering side. However, one new primary feature has been implemented, the use of attribute points. This means leveling up your character!

What’s an RPG without attributes?
In The Arcane Relics™ there are 6 attributes players can choose from. When a character gains enough experience points they are rewarded with an attribute point which can be spent on improving one of the six attributes for their character.

The attributes, and general plans for what they will do, are as follows:

• Vitality – increases the damage your character can take before becoming incapacitated.
• Endurance – increases the amount of strenuous actions your character can perform in a shorter period of time.
• Strength – increases your character’s carrying capacity and ability to wield heavier weapons and armor.
• Dexterity – increases effectiveness with weapons requiring finesse as well as the speed of certain actions.
• Magic – increases the power of your magical abilities.
• Charisma – improves combat effectiveness of other characters in your party as well as NPC’s general disposition towards your character.

The ideal goal is to make characters capable of upgrading only a single attribute, or any combination, and still have valid techniques or options to overcome obstacles presented. For example, a very strong warrior can hurl boulders at his/her enemies, and make up for lower vitality by wearing heavier armor. A more barbarian-style character could spend more points on vitality. This would make him/her capable of taking just as many hits while wearing little to no armor, without losing the benefits of speed.

In addition, a console command book has been added as a handy debug reference, or for those that would just like to tinker.

Andrew has been working towards an end goal in the Water Cave. At the end, a preliminary dungeon has appeared behind locked doors with hallways leading to a mysterious room (also notice the new braziers/fire bowls):
Dungeon Hallway Intriguing Dungeon Room

The lighting in the Grand Arena has been improved as well. Here’s some 4-player split-screen action shots in the arena:
4-player Arena Underworks 4-player Arena Battle


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