Progress Update : HUB & Water Cave

Andrew: Hello everyone, here is a progress report on what we have been working on:

First up, programming:

• Looting! We now have the basic looting system working (looting corpses & containers). You can also steal from NPCs and other players now while in stealth mode/crouching. You may also equip & unequip items within their inventory, as well as force them to use/eat items (which has no animation as of yet). You can place items in and take items out/steal from them. Containers are the same (excluding the equipping of course!).

• When looting containers, they will appear open and will only close when all characters have stopped looking inside.

• As the inventory menu is in real-time, there is now a distance check whether you are close enough to remain looting. (Ex. looking inside a container another player is holding and he/she runs away.)

• Started preliminary UI item dragging, items can be selected and then the action buttons pressed, or the items can be dragged directly onto the action buttons.

• Items now eject, not just suddenly appearing on the floor, when their container is destroyed.

• Movement restriction when attacking is now affected by your weapon’s weight. Daggers have no movement restriction. Power attacks restrict your movement twice as much as regular attacks.

• Numerous bug fixes & miscellaneous improvements:

-quickslot display (bottom-left corner) now hides in menus

-redesigned cursor update system, allowing for different cursor icons based on player state (crouching, blocking, idle)

-ragdolling in water no longer results in the getup animation playing when recovering

-characters are now ejected from their mounts, if their mount ragdolls or begins swimming (you can no longer mount characters underwater)

Next, art:

• Water cave lighting. The lighting in the water cave has been improved, so that it is now really dark (as a cave should be).

• Instead of the developer testing playground, you now start in the new HUB scene. Don’t worry, the playground is still accessible!

When containers are destroyed, items go flying! (Alas, our 1st attempt at a gif…)

Water Cave 1Water Cave 2
As you can see from these cave screenshots, you will need to use a torch or lantern in order to see where you are going. You can easily lose your direction in the darkness, adding another challenge to the cave. We added a low-level intensity light to the player so that you aren’t totally lost in the darkness when out of torches or without a lantern. Even so, you will want to use light sources to see where you are going.


Screenshots previewing the new HUB scene (WIP).

Until next time, fair thee well.


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