v0.1 Demo Release!

Andrew: Seasons greetings! Good news, we wrapped up the major bugs/etc for this version, v0.1, and it’s now available for download!

Download The Update

You can download the update either on-

IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-arcane-relics/downloads

Or here on-

Itch.io: https://niemi-bros.itch.io/the-arcane-relics

Don’t forget, on Itch.io you have the option to donate. 😉

Any help will be much appreciated.

And, we leave you with a quick trailer

With this release, we’ll be taking a break from TAR. Maybe we’ll actually take a vacation this time.

We’ll say it again, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year too everyone! Enjoy the demo! 😀


April’s Progress: Random Data

Jon: Hello all!

This past month has been productive, although it’s been more technical stuff. Not many pictures… I will try to spare you the wall of text and keep things brief. Brace yourself.

Random Systems

Previously, setting up any random selections, such as items in containers, has used a pretty simple setup. We wanted to expand its capabilities and have more control over what could be done. There were things such as nesting loot tables or modifying a loot table result (varying gold and bolt amounts) which weren’t possible. We also wanted to utilize random seeds so, for example, the same loot/enemy rolls could appear, if desired (good for testing). This has been mainly what I’ve been working on and is still a WIP. It’s coming along nicely, though. 💤

I may eventually share more details about what I come up with once it’s completed…

It is nice to see more than a few pieces of gold appear in a container, that’s for sure.

External Data

If you’re still awake, this will put you to sleep:

Another semi-related task has been shifting various data into external XML files, using a more data-driven design. The new item loot tables utilize this setup.

This is a noticeable step towards being able to customize various aspects of the game. This can also help reduce our build times, as certain tweaks can be made externally without having to rebuild in Unity. This is a slow but beneficial process.


We have updated the project to v2018 of Unity. We have, and are, spending time to resolve issues that have appeared in the new version, but are excited about some of the new features! Overall, the transition has been smoother than previous version updates.

Lastly, we have been working on a side-project as well. Needless to say, it has taken some time away from TAR, but is nearly finished. It has certainly taught us some things and has helped us with clarifying some design decisions for TAR. We will reveal it, once it’s ready!

If you’re still there, have a good one! 🛌

P.S. Andrew has continued working on the Lava Cave.

March’s Progress: Hot Stuff

Jon: Hi, everyone! Time for March’s update.

This past month I’ve spent most of my TAR time on AI, and have a few things to mention:

  • We are now using  a different AI system than GOAP. GOAP planning was taking up too much CPU, and was getting too difficult to debug… I have been reading Mat Buckland’s book, Programming Game AI by Example, & have found his Goal-Driven system to be quite insightful. I have the new system up and running and it’s using a lot less CPU than the previous system!
  • Continuing in the book, I decided to work on a weapon selection system for NPCs utilizing the chapter on fuzzy numbers. The basic idea is that they’ll choose the most desired weapon they have based upon various inputs, such as distance (Swapping from a bow to sword, for example). It’s coming along.


I have started the possibility of hitting multiple targets with one swing. We have wanted to have Strength, along with larger weapons, to allow for sweeping through multiple opponents, or at least smaller ones like bats, with one swing for a while. This is a step towards that. In the process, I may have fixed the bug where weapons could remain active if an attack animation was interrupted as well.


I’ve also dabbled in potions, continuing work to make them more modular. Previously, I would have to make 3 new prefabs for each potion type we would want to add. This was taking too long… Now, I only need to make one prefab per type. I have added some new potion types including a Sleep Potion. 😀

I have also been experimenting with coloring the potions programmatically based on their elemental compositions.

Now, Andrew has been working on things that might be a bit more exciting, putting aside the Castle temporarily to work on the old Water Cave…


April Fools! 🤡 It’s a Lava cave! There’s a method to the madness I assure you. Here’s a peek:

“Can’t get enough!”

This is a new area, and will not be replacing the Water Cave.

A couple more things before farewell. I wanted to share some useful Unity discoveries we’ve made this past month that have helped out quite a bit, for other devs out there:

Happy Easter!

February’s Progress: Castle Beginnings

Andrew: Hello everyone, here’s our development progress for the month of February:

Castle Preview

(WIP. Battlements still needed atop round stair towers)

Preliminary view of the Great Hall

The Town Castle is coming along, but is quite sparse at the moment. The layout of rooms, although not quite historical (not that we were going for that), is basically complete.

  • Water: Jon has added fading alpha to the water shader with the fog distance.

  • Glass: I’ve been delving into shader coding, creating a “simple” glass shader with distortions similarly to the water shader, so there’s only one glass object per pane. Previously, there was one for glass & one for refraction.
  • Grass: Jon has also been experimenting with parting/interactive foliage shader. Currently, grass/ferns/etc will bulge & bend when player one moves into/nearby.

Programming update: Jon continues to work on programming himself into corners. 🙂 He’s been working on AI, and an improved encounter system.

And we’ll leave you with this:

Marvel at what this entails…

Also, we may or may not be working on a small side project…

Until next month. 🙂